This show is oh snow good - oh yes it is!

Snow White
Snow White

Review: Snow White, Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline

Princess Snow White is forced to work in the kitchen by her wicked stepmother Queen Vultura who has a plan to marry Prince Rupert of Repugnia and take over his kingdom. Rupert however wants to marry Snow White and when Vultura’s magic mirror tells her that Snow White will become the fairest in the land on her 18th birthday, Vultura banishes her the forbidden forget where she is taken in by a group of dwarves - The Magnificent Seven. Vultura finds out and disguised as an old woman poisons Snow White. Will Snow White’s true love Callum the Kitchen boy save the day?

This is a rollicking good and thoroughly entertaining Christmas show, moving along a fast pace with enough to keep everyone happy.

There’s plenty of audience participation, songs from One Direction and the Disney film Frozen and even some traditional Scots dancing.

Most of the laughs come from Vultura’s hapless assistant Numpty as well as, ahem, a dwarf breaking wind. No-one is claiming this is subtle (!).

The performances are excellent all round and special praise should go to the children playing the dwarves who have plenty of dialogue to cope with which they handle with ease.

I thoroughly recommend this show and if that’s not enough I’ve leave you with the verdict of my 10-year-old daughter: “It’s awesome!”.