This wee shop is going to buzz with great ideas

Janet Robertson in front of the arts hub
Janet Robertson in front of the arts hub

An empty shop at the foot of Tolbooth Street is set to be transformed into a new creative hub and festive market.

The former Intersport shop, next to the new sports centre, is going to become the Hub by the Sea in the next few weeks.

Following the success of the arts hub in The Postings and a creative charette which took place at the end of July, plans are in place to make use of the shop in the run up to Christmas.

Janet Robertson explained: “From the charette we have a creative collective who want to try to do more to creatively develop the town.

“People have lots of ideas they want to try.

“The hub at The Postings is already quite full and there’s a lot of work ongoing there.

“But there’s not a lot of space left, and with all the other ideas we needed to find another space.

“We spoke to the owners of the building and they were keen for it to be used.

“It’s a great place, a brilliant space and ready to use.

“We have the space for a four month period and we’ve got some exciting plans.

“During October we’re going to use it as an events space.

“We’re going to have different things going on in there.

“We might have Hallowe’en parties for wee ones, other groups have ideas for film showings and music nights, jam sessions and one or two nights a week it might be used as a youth hub cafe.

“If anyone has ideas they’d like to try we’d like them to come forward.

“We’re open to suggestions and want to hear from people.”

But it’s in November that the space will host a Christmas market and offers great opportunities for a dozen businesse or ganisations.

Janet continued: “We’re looking for 12 retail ready creative makers and ideas to make use of the space for a seven week period in the run up to Christmas.

“There is a charge of £60 per week, but we will staff it and we’re trying to work with High Street banks and Business Gateway to give business support to the creators.”

Anyone with any ideas for use of the space, or any retail ready creative makers interested in applying for a place at the market should get in touch.

More details and an application form for the retail opportunities can be found at or call the arts hub in The Postings on (01592) 640604 with your ideas.