Thornton park protected for future generations

Thornton Memorial Park
Thornton Memorial Park

A park in Thornton will be designated a a safeguarded outdoor recreational space as part of the ‘Centenary Fields’ programme.

The programme has been organised by the National Playing Fields Association (NPFA), operating as Fields in Trust (FIT) and Poppy Scotland.

It’s aim is to protect public open spaces in perpetuity for future generations in honour of the memory of the millions of people who lost their lives in World War One.

Fife Council has decided that Thornton Public Park, which is where the town’s war memorial is sited, should be a dedicated ‘Centenary Field’.

Ken Gourlay, the Council’s head of asset management and building services, explained that the Council will enter into an agreement which will place a number of obligations on it.

These will include that the park can only be used as a public playing field and open space, and that no development is permitted without the consent of FIT.

Also, the Council can’t sell, lease or dispose of any part of the park, or grant any servitude – such as a right of way – without consent.

A plaque will be erected at the park to signify its new status. The dedication of the park was supported by local councillors Ian Crichton, Ian Sloan and Ross Vettraino, and Thornton Community Council.