Thornton projects’ cash boost

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THORNTON people and groups have been urged share inof thousands of pounds worth of cash allocated to improve the village.

The call follows a “disappointing” response to the initial invitation for applications for the money, which is being distributed as part of Fife Council’s participatory budgeting scheme.

Thornton’s allocation from the scheme is £8,500 and every organisation associated with the village, as well as members of the public, were asked to submit suggestions about how the money should be spent and nvited to vote for the project that they thought would best serve the whole community.

A public meeting a week past Saturday saw the end of the voting process and the count revealed that those who cast a ballot favoured, almost equally, each of the two projects that had been submitted in a bid for the funding, which is limited to one third of the cost of the project.

One project submitted by the Greenfingers Club, is to construct a pedestrian way around the periphery of Memorial Park.

The other was put forward by the Thornton Hall Management Committee and is for improvement works to approaches to the building.

Norma Wilson from the club and the committee’s Gail Hutchison gave short presentations about their projects to the meeting.

Councillor, Ross Vettraino (Glenrothes Central and Thornton) said: “It’s disappointing that only two projects were submitted, but the good news is that both those projects will serve the community very well and, because the cost of each project was modest, the combined total of one third of both projects is only £5,800.

“That means that £2,700 is unspent, but that money will not be lost to Thornton.

“Another three projects have already been suggested and these will be evaluated in due course.”

He also pointed out that the scheme is being extended to every village in the Glenrothes area and urged people in groups living in those areas to take part in the process when participatory budgeting comes to their areas. The idea is to put decision-making as close to communities as possible.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t all dry talk about money at the meeting, as excellent entertainment was provided at the meeting by talented Thornton Primary School singing pupils Ritchie Anderson, Finty MacDonald, Chloe Balfour, Demi Smith and Beth Morrison.