Thought for the Week: Robert Hughes

Like most of us I probably watch too much television.

I never watch soap operas, but I do like to watch auction/valuation programmes.

I enjoy the challenge of trying to value items which are brought to the programme and normally get the value of the object wrong.

The diversity of values for a single object shows that it is a personal value for each item even by some experts.

In life we have been given choice and we are fortunate to have freedom to express our views and opinions on most subjects.

We are all valuable in the sight of God particularly when we are doing the things which please Him.

When Jesus was teaching His disciples on the mountain side he expressed the value they had in God’s eyes.

The Bible tells us that God is aware of the comings and goings of the sparrows and even the state of grass and other vegetation, and says how He has a greater love and understanding for us than the grass and the sparrows.

How much do we care for Him?