Three drivers caught going wrong way on Kirkcaldy one-way street

The signs which warn drivers not to access Tolbooth Street
The signs which warn drivers not to access Tolbooth Street

Three motorists have been issued with fixed penalty tickets for driving the wrong way up a one-way street in Kirkcaldy and a further 13 have been warned.

The figures, revealed by Police Scotland, Kirkcaldy, come after new signs were put in place at the bottom of Tolbooth Street in October, as drivers were continually ignoring the no entry signs and travelling from the Esplanade up Tolbooth Street to access the High Street.

Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of Kirkcaldy area committee, said the issue had been raised at meetings of Kirkcaldy’s Ambitions Group and Kirkcaldy4All many times and, as a result, action has been taken.

Inspector Alan Seath of Police Scotland, Kirkcaldy, said since the signs were put in place, 13 motorists have been warned about the one-way system and three have been issued with fixed penalty tickets.

He said: “CCTV has been used and, although there has been a 60 per cent reduction in drivers ignoring the one-way system, there are still the lazy few who are chancing their luck.

“The education part of our process has now been completed and drivers will now be issued with fixed penalty tickets if they are found to have committed an offence.”

Cllr Crooks told the Press: “Police Scotland were asked by me and Bill Harvey from Kirkcaldy4All to help deal with the flagrant abuse of the one-way system at Tolbooth Street, as it had become a constant threat to public safety in that area.

“They decided to take a soft approach initially, advising and warning drivers – many of whom were delivery drivers coming up from the Esplanade.

“I think the police approach was perhaps fair, but now their presence has been felt, it seems the abuse has slowed.

“There have been some on-the-spot fines and it looks like the police will continue to take action against perpetrators in future, which we should all welcome. Safety is one of the key actions in Kdy4All’s agenda and they have been key to identifying and supporting this initiative.”

He added: “Partnership working is strong in Kirkcaldy area and it works.”