Three-year kitchen wait

Janet Annan is still waiting for new Council kitchen after three years. Pic by Walter Neilson
Janet Annan is still waiting for new Council kitchen after three years. Pic by Walter Neilson

A Wheelchair-bound OAP has been locked in three year battle with Fife Council in a bid to get her kitchen modified so she can use it.

Janet Annan, (80), who had her left leg amputated in 2010, is now no longer able to walk and asked the council if her kitchen could be changed to suit her.

Since then she and husband John (77) have found dealing with the Council to be a frustrating task.

John said: “This has been going on for three years since Janet had her leg amputated and it’s beyond a joke.

“We have two cookers in the kitchen and a brand new fridge stuck in the living room but we can’t install them until the kitchen is modified.

“When the Council came round last September they told us to empty all our cupboards.

“Now there are boxes full of things in the greenhouse, bedroom, everywhere.

“It was supposed to be done by the end of last year. Now we’re told it will be July or August.”

The couple were given plans, seen by the Press, in September of last year which show the outline of the new kitchen.

But since then they’ve been unable to get a firm date as to when it will be installed as the Council has lost all trace of its own copy.

“They couldn’t find us on their system,” said Janet.

“Every time we call up someone passes the buck. No-one is willing to take responsibility.”

Son Robert decided to try to help but was also unable to get a firm answer. “I couldn’t tell you how many people I spoke to,” he said.

“But everyone one of them said the same thing - “I don’t know anything about it”.

“I’m very angry about this, it’s been going on for too long now. It’s ridiculous.”

Janet said that using her kitchen is a struggle. “I like to keep myself busy and to keep the place clean,” she said.

“I can’t get out on my own so I look for things to do.

“We’ve been council tenants for many years and have never given them any trouble so this is all very frustrating and it’s really getting me down to be honest.

Russell Gray, team leader at Fife Council, said: “The kitchen renewal has been released to the contractor and is due to be installed in the first week in June.

“Mr andMrs Annan will receive a visit in the next two weeks from the contractor and a housing maintenance officer to discuss the installation.”