Three years for man who crashed stolen taxi

The crashed taxi
The crashed taxi

A MAN who stole a taxi before crashing it into the wall of Adam Smith College has been jailed for over three years.

Brian Kelly stole the Berlingo taxi from from a valeting station on March 20. He picked up a female friend before going on a joyride through Kirkcaldy.

He drove through a number of red lights before crashing in to the wall at the entrance of the Adam Smith College’s Priory campus. His female companion suffered a broken leg.

As police and passers by tried to help, Kelly drew a knife before running across the road in the Hutchison’s Flour Mill.

Officers gave chase before Kelly threatened one of them with the knife, and they used CS gas to arrest him.

Fiscal depute Susannah Hutchison told Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court: “A witness heard the sound of three large bangs and went round the corner and saw the taxi had crashed into a wall.


“Witnesses observed the accused getting out of the vehicle and going to the passenger seat.

‘‘The woman in there was trapped.

“The accused pulled a knife from his pocket and brandished it at two police officers who tried to grab him. He shouted ‘let’s go then’ before running off into the compound.

“He was caught up with by one officer and turned with the knife shouting ‘come on then’.

CS gas

‘‘The PC sprayed him twice with CS gas causing him to stagger and he was handcuffed.”

Kelly, 31, who has spent most of the last 15 years in prison for a string of offences and was on bail at the time of the offence, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, stealing a taxi, failing to give breath samples to police, brandishing a knife at a police officer and members of the public and possessing a knife.

Sheriff Grant McCulloch jailed Kelly for three years and five months. He said: “This is a disgraceful episode but one we have come to expect from you.

‘‘You have no regard for road traffic regulations. This is your third case of dangerous driving.”