Ticket adds to disabled High St parking woes

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KIRKCALDY’S disabled parking woes have left one local fighting against a fine after she was caught out by the closure to the town’s High Street.

Joyce Joyce (66) thought she was doing the right thing by parking on the fourth floor of the Thistle Street car park on the Esplanade, thinking this was the car park that leads to the Mercat.

After failing to find a disabled spot, Mrs Joyce parked over two spaces in order to have room to manoeuvre her wheelchair and walking frame from the car.

She returned less than 20 minutes later to find she had been given a £30 fine for parking over the line - despite having two Blue Badges on display.

Mrs Joyce said: “The car park was practically empty.

‘‘I thought then that it would not be a problem, as I knew I’d be back just after 9 a.m. and I had my Blue Badge with me - there were no disabled spaces.

‘‘I thought I was doing the right thing by following the signs to park at the multi-storey.

No spaces

“When I came back the traffic warden was putting a ticket on my car. I told him I had a Blue Badge and there were no other disabled spaces, but he said he had already written it out so had to issue it.”

Mrs Joyce has now lodged an appeal with Fife Council, which owns the car park.

“I understand where the pedestrians are coming from when it comes to parking on the High Street,’’ she added.

Tolbooth St

‘‘But unfortunately, as this has shown, there are not enough disabled spaces surrounding it, especially when they get rid of the Tollbooth Street car park,

which gives me a flat walk to the High Street.”

Jim Beveridge, transportation lead officer said the Council could have been more flexible in this case, and is happy to re-consider its decision.

A date has now been set for a meeting between Fife Council, disability groups and Kirkcaldy 4 All, who will be putting forward the findings of a survey of High Street retailers on the parking issue.