Tidy up baby garden at cemetery plea

Hayfield cemetery baby memorial garden
Hayfield cemetery baby memorial garden

Parents who have lost their children have expressed their disgust at the lack of maintenance at the baby garden in Hayfield Cemetery.

Weeds, overgrown plants, a burnt hedge and damaged benches are among the complaints from parents visiting the garden to grieve for their children.

One woman who contacted The Press this week said: “The baby and child loss area is in a disgusting state, covered in weeds and has not been maintained for some time.

“I find it most distressing especially as the rest of Fife has been upgraded in flowers, tubs, planters and hanging baskets throughout.”

She added that she hoped Fife Council could do something to the area so “we can have a relaxing and comforting area to mourn and not the mess that’s there at the moment”.

Another mother, whose son is buried said the way the baby garden has been left is a “disgrace”.

She continued: “A few months ago a notice was put up in the baby garden to say any teddies, flowers, sentimental cards, etc had to be removed as it was too much and that we were only allowed to put flowers at the plaque that has all our babies names on it.

“If we didn’t remove our baby’s sentimental stuff it would be removed, which they did. We found our baby’s stuff dumped down at the bottom of the cemetery, horrified we were.

“To our shock, now the garden looks 10 times worse, the place is covered in weeds, burnt hedge, over grown plants, ruined bench - it is a complete mess, you can’t even tell anymore it’s a baby garden and there is babies lying there.”

Liz Murphy, bereavement services manager said: “I reassure that we are already aware of the concerns raised and we met with mothers on site on Monday. We will work with them and the charity SANDs to get these concerns addressed.”