Time is running out on your calendar

Only a few copies left.
Only a few copies left.

Time is running out – and that’s a fact as far as the Fife Free Press Group’s Discovering Fife calendar is concerned.

Since it was launched at the Dreel Halls, Anstruther, back in August, the calendar has proved popular with locals and visitors alike.

Now stocks are down to just over 200 and is it expected it could be a sell-out in the build up to Christmas as they are snapped up for presents home and abroad.

It is a remarkable achievement for the readers of the East Fife Mail, Glenrothes Gazette, Fife Free Press, Fife Herald and St Andrews Citizen.

It was the first time these local newspapers joined together to produce a calendar of their readers’ photographs.

The idea came about through the high standard submitted to all the titles’ letters’ pages, and the calendar project proved incredibly popular.

There were over 300 entries submitted and these were whittled down to 150 and the readers themselves selected the 13 pictures – 12 months and the cover – they wanted to see.

The finished product was unveiled at an event and exhibition in Anster’s Dreel Halls and drew widespread praise.

But now the question is : will there be a 2016 calendar?

Jerzy Morkis, the Group’s north east Fife editor who was on the project team, said: “That’s something we are discussing just now but we need to look at all the options, including the format.

“Some people have suggested it should be themed, for instance animals, so we’ll need work out what could work. It would be interesting to hear out readers’ views.”