Time out after good year for the Reaper ...

The Reaper
The Reaper

It’s been a busy year for the famous Reaper, but the herring drifter is now retiring to the boat shed for a well-deserved rest and winter maintenance.

The flagship of the Scottish Fisheries Museum has travelled around 1200 miles in the past year, visiting harbours as far south as Whitby and as far north as Portsoy.

The crew welcomed over 16,000 visitors aboard the 111-year-old vessel, including over 1100 children, from Eyemouth, Dunbar, Leith and Port Seton, during the annual schools programme.

They were taught about the methods of herring fishing in the early and middle 20th century, and allowed to experience how the fishermen lived aboard and handled the boat.

Reaper, together with her smaller Fifie sister White Wing, also visited harbour and sea festivals in Dunbar, Portsoy and Arbroath, as well as participating in events at local harbours, such as the local Fisher Lass and Lad celebrations, and both boats were honoured to be guests at the splendid 200th Sea Box celebrations at Port Seton in September.

Earlier in 2013, Museums and Galleries Scotland assisted the Fisheries Museum with the funding needed to purchase a new set of sails for the Reaper, which will replace the current set, which are over 25 years old.

It is expected the new sails will be in place for the 2014 season.

Members of the Museum’s Boats Club, which maintains and crews the famous vessel, have extended their thanks to the museum, members of the club, Reaper sponsors and those in places which she visited for all of their support over the past year.

For more information visit www.scotfishmuseum.org.