Time stands still on Leslie clock repair

The clock face on St Marys Church will not be fixed until next year.
The clock face on St Marys Church will not be fixed until next year.

Leslie continues to be the community that ‘time forgot’ with repairs to the town clock now not expected until at least spring 2016.

The clock, which is incorporated in the spire of St Mary’s Church on High Street, has remained unworking since March, the first time in its 120 year history that it has failed to keep time.

There has been growing discontent among residents because of the months of stalemate over who was responsible for the repair of the clock.

Fife Council finally agreed in September that they would meet the costs of maintenance while the church would ensure safe access to the clock mechanism.

It’s expected councillors will now be asked to approve the necessary funding, understood to be £10,000, early in the new year.

Only if and when the approval is given, at either the January or February Glenrothes Area Committee meetings, will the work then be carried out.

Alan Paterson, Fife Council’s service manager, property services told the Gazette: “We’re currently trying to secure money from the Glenrothes Local Community Planning Budget and Common Good Funds, on behalf of the church, this will pay for the Health and Safety works required to the church tower, which are estimated at £10,000.”

“We can’t confirm when work will begin until we’ve secured the funding and we’ve gone out to tender.”

The clock face was damaged in storms back in March but because of safety concerns, it has yet to be accessed by specialists. Concern now centres around whether further damage has been caused to the clock mechanism.