KIRKCALDY;'Kittys; Launch of new campaign to 'Save the Rovers' with Alistair Cameron from ACA sport, Grant Livingstone from Kitty's, and Vicki Litster & Toni Smart 'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
KIRKCALDY;'Kittys; Launch of new campaign to 'Save the Rovers' with Alistair Cameron from ACA sport, Grant Livingstone from Kitty's, and Vicki Litster & Toni Smart 'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON

BUSINESSES are joining force. Politicians are working behind the scenes and the fans are rallying.

Just one week after the Press revealed the perilous state of Raith Rovers’ finances, the town has acted.

And today we are pleased to announce Rally Round Rovers - a united approach to generate vital funds and bring new ideas, creativity and energy to the club at this critical time.

And the door is open to everyone to come on board.

Rally Round Rovers was created as a direct result of last week’s Press coverage.

It was time to act. Time to turn words into action.

On Sunday, November 27, the anniversary of the club’s famous Coca Cola Cup victory, we will launch the first Rally Round Rovers’ event – a concert featuring live music AND comedy at Kitty’s.

A second major event is already in the pipeline for early 2012, and initial work has begun on other initiatives.

But much remains to be done.

Rally Round Rovers is the community’s instant response to Raith’s perilous financial situation.


It is led by Raith Rovers with the backing of ACA Sports and the Fife Free Press - and it follows on from the open meeting at which the directors laid bare the extent of the financial problems.

And the campaign’s pledge is simple - every single penny raised will go directly to the club.

Everyone understands the gravity of the situation surrounding Scottish football - and everyone is committed to giving the club as much support as possible.

Dave Wann, director, will act as co-ordinator, and be a key link to fans groups, community organisations and businesses willing to play their part rallying round the team.

He said: ‘‘The challenge from the board to all who care about the club is to increase the levels of support if we are to sustain the current football model.

‘‘We will listen to all ideas for fundraising that are put forward - and we will do our very best to help them.

‘’The money generated through events, big and small, will help to put this club on a sound financial footing.

‘‘We are extremely grateful to the Fife Free Press and ACA Sports for their support.’’


Mr Wann hopes Rally Round Rovers will also do more than just raise funds - he wants it to tap into the town’s long-standing support for the team.

‘‘People do care about Raith Rovers,’’ he said.

‘‘The club is hugely important to Kirkcaldy and the surrounding area. You only have to see how many fans Rovers took to Hampden recently - 8000 people turned out that day.

‘’There is a genuine wish for us to do well.’’

By tapping into support that dates back generations, Rally Round Rovers can have a huge and positive impact at Stark’s Park.

We hope the community will rally and stage their own fundraising events - big or small. Every single penny counts.

In return we will make sure your efforts are acknowledged in our own Rally Round Rovers hall of fame, and we will provide as much publicity as we can at no charge.

Alistair Cameron, managing director of ACA Sports, and one of the driving forces behind the launch of Rally Round Rovers, added: ‘’As a club sponsor we were aware of the difficulties facing Rovers, but a lot of people would not have been aware how bad the situation was until they read last week’s Press.

‘’This is an immediate, short-term response to a potentially dangerous financial situation the club is in.

‘‘It’s clear we all have to step in play our part.

‘‘Whether we are fans or sponsors, we all want Raith Rovers to be a vibrant, successful team at the heart of our town.’’