Time to close school roads to tackle parking problems?

Three roads were closed at a school in Haddington
Three roads were closed at a school in Haddington

All options must be considered when it comes to resolving issues of inconsiderate parking around primary schools.

That’s the view of Councillor Neil Crooks, Kirkcaldy area committee’s chairman.

And if that means closing the road to cars as the school is going in and coming out, as has been done at a school in Haddington in East Lothian, then it should be considered.

Cllr Crooks said following discussions at the area committee last week local councillors will be meeting to look at the ongoing parking issues around schools across the area.

He said: “ This isn’t a problem that affects just one school, I think it’s all of them.

“It’s inappropriate drivers’ parking in places they shouldn’t be parking. It’s a lack of common sense.

“We’re going to be considering what options may be open to us.

“There was one school, not in Fife, where I remember them shutting down the road, which is quite radical. But we’re not counting anything out or counting anything in.

“The problem has been going on for a long time and people are continually doing it, so we need to look at finding a permanent solution rather than painting more and more lines.

“There are frustrations in every community, not just with those living there, but from parents too.”

Cllr Crooks said parking issues are on the councillors’ agenda for a meeting after the summer and they will be looking at possible solutions.

He added: “I will be proposing that we get people at the schools - parents and residents - to ask what they think needs done. We will look at the whole Kirkcaldy area and consider what might be the best solution and it could be that different solutions are needed at different schools.”