Time to get creative with Voluntary Arts Week

l-r: May Fielder, Christine Keay, Pat Stewart all took part in the Craftbomb at the Dreel Halls
l-r: May Fielder, Christine Keay, Pat Stewart all took part in the Craftbomb at the Dreel Halls

Anstruther’s Dreel Halls were awash with colour on Friday as it was bombs away for a local group of quilters.

The quilters got crafty with quilts in all shapes and sizes for a ‘craftbomb’ to decorate the building and nearby landmarks.

The group, which meets weekly in Dreel Halls, brightened up the local community to help launch this year’s Voluntary Arts Week, which runs from May 9-18.

The week-long initiative celebrates creative activity throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Buckie House Quilters have been meeting in the upstairs hall since 1996 and decided to give the building a quilted look for the occasion.

Christine Keay, from the quilters, explained: “We are probably the oldest regular users of the hall.

“Most of the quilts were made recently by members, but I included inside the hall, the cot quilt I made over 40 years ago for my children as it was made in the English Piecing style, i.e. hexagons over paper templates.

“Only five members were able to take part on the day as we arranged to do it with quite short notice, but those who took part felt it was worthwhile despite the problems with wind and rain.

“I have some of the photographs on my Facebook page and have had a very positive response from family and friends, also from friends who drove past and saw the display.

“But we had to take the quilts in earlier than we had hoped as there was a very heavy shower and wet patchwork quilts can be extremely heavy to handle.”

There are two groups that make up the Buckie House Quilters, the main group which has around 20 members meets fortnightly on a Thursday afternoon and the smaller group, with seven or eight members, meets weekly on a Wednesday evening.

All the members have a particular interest in quilt making, with several keen on other crafts which they learn about through through classes or demonstrations.

Although most of the quilters attending are older, the group has intermittently over the years had the occasional young member and a workshop Christine was involved in a number of years ago as part of the Haarfest attracted several young women.

She said: “So I hope that, having acquired the basics, they will be able to pick up the craft in the future when hopefully they have a bit more leisure.”

And after their first CraftBomb to launch Voluntary Arts Week, the Buckie House Quilters are prepared to do it all again.

Christine added: “For a first attempt at short notice I would say it was definitely worth doing and next year there will be more time to plan, I dropped a hint to a local artist who is taking a series of art classes in the halls.”