Time to rebuild after ‘Go’ fiasco

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Fife Council is backing the new volunteer committee to make its Go Glenrothes campaign a success despite a number of key resignations in recent weeks.

The project, which was designed to promote the town as a go to destination with attractions and unique events, looked dead in the water after both Dr Bob Grant, chairman and treasurer Linda Ballingall resigned, just weeks after taking up their posts.

Their departures are the latest blow to Fife Council’s desire to reinvent the public image of the third largest town in the Kingdom.

With initial funding of £50,000 having been approved in 2014, the local authority has already faced criticism for the delay in forming a steering committee which was not agreed until August of this year.

And with a lacklustre initial launch, the failure to attract public support, concerns over future funding and council support, as well as disagreements over realistic and achievable targets, the Go Glenrothes campaign has so far failed to get off the ground.

Following her resignation Linda Ballingall told the Gazette: “Go Glenrothes is wholly the responsibility of Fife Council and one on which they procrastinated for five long years.

“We signed the constitution and within 10 days of doing so were being criticised for not doing enough.

“Given my well documented track record on behalf of Glenrothes since 1983, which includes the setting up of a successful Heritage Centre to serve the community, all at no cost to Fife Council, I will allow the public to work out the rest. I wish the new Go Glenrothes team every success.”

Dr Grant said: “Following due consideration I feel that the role was not best suited to me and I therefore made the decision to stand down.

“I hope the Go Glenrothes campaign becomes the success it deserves to be.”-

Andrew Walker, economic advisor for Fife Council’s town centre development department paid tribute to those who had departed the steering group for what he called their “essential work” to get the project up and running.

He added: “We have a new committee in place with the appetite and enthusiasm to nowtake this forward.

“We are now very much looking to build on the interest shown for two major events, the science and comedy festivals which are to take place in Glenrothes during 2016.

“Added to that we have an events specialist with local, a national and international experience also on board and an enthusiastic youth group also keen to drive Go Glenrothes forward.”