Toby's set for his next fundraising challenge

A 12-year-old Cupar boy who is suffering from leukaemia will be taking on the Tay Bridge to raise funds for charity this weekend.

Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 3:30 pm
Toby Etheridge.
Toby Etheridge.

Toby Etheridge will be walking three miles, across the bridge and back, on Sunday, raising funds for his charity, Toby’s Magical Journey, which supports local children and young people with cancer.

This will be the second time he has done the challenge, with the aim of making it an annual fund-raising event. His mum Alison said it was his “personal challenge” because his legs have struggled with mobility since he started treatment.

“It’s huge for him,” she said. “When you have cancer parts of the body don’t work as well. For Toby it’s his legs. This year he has had an MRI and his legs have been checked. There’s no reason other than the treatment.

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“It’s humbling to see him do this. But he’s doing it to prove he can walk that distance and raise money. He’s a remarkable kid – I take my hat off to him.”

Toby was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia just before Christmas in 2014. He has been receiving oral chemotherapy since 2015, but that is set to end next month.

Alison continued: “We’re counting down to his treatment coming to an end. His treatment ends on April 25. It has been a long process since when he started back in 2014. It’s an emotional time at the moment. What’s life going to be like after cancer? There’s a lot of ‘what’s going to happen’ questions. He’s got an end of treatment party to look forward to. But generally he’s very tired. The treatment does take a toll.”

The walk across the bridge is just the latest fund-raiser Toby has been involved in. The family also ran an awareness weekend at the Kingdom Centre earlier this month, raising £1000 on the day.

“We just want to thank the people who stopped and spoke and put money in the bucket,” Alison added.

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