Toddlers together at new group

The Wee Coalties Toddler Group in Coaltown of Wemyss
The Wee Coalties Toddler Group in Coaltown of Wemyss

A new toddler group has set up in Coaltown of Wemyss, and organisers are keen to spread the word to local parents.

Wee Coalties Toddler Group first met late last year after the grandparent of a child at the local primary school sent out a flyer to other parents and guardians.

It was found that all of the parents felt a feeling of social isolation, with many not meeting and socialising with other mums and dads until an older child started school.

And so the group was born, and it is currently the only pre-school group in the catchment area.

Since opening its doors, the group has been supported by the Spar in East Wemyss, Sainsbury’s Leven, Asda Kirkcaldy, Rejects, Leven Rotary Club and local families through raffle prizes, cash donations and the support of community and village councils.

One of the mums, Claire, said: “It’s a lovely, community run toddler group and warm and friendly.”

Wee Coalties is open to parents and pre-school children from birth to five years, and the group are happy to welcome locals and those from the surrounding area.

The group meets every Monday from 1.30 - 3.00 p.m. at Coaltown of Wemyss Village Hall. For more information, call Diane on 07792 562656.