Too many cooks?

The Kitchen
The Kitchen
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Allan Crow takes a look at the week in television

(Monday, BBC2, 9.00 p.m.)
Argh! Another show about food and cooking.

Ordinarily, I’d rather slap myself repeatedly over the head with a rolling pin than endure 60 minutes watching some chef prattling on about a drizzle of jus, but this is a slight diversion from the usual recipe. Pun intended. This is BBC2’s answer to ‘Gogglebox’ - where C4 shows folk watching telly, the Beeb has gone for a show watching folk in the kitchen.

Now, as well we know, that’s where the best parties are held, but don’t expect many tins of Kestrel lager and sausage rolls to be passed around - this is about food, what we eat, and the rituals we all have in the kitchen.

The cast features all kinds of family life from an elderly couple to a posh bunch in Cheltenham and poor folk in Cardiff, all slaving over a hot stove. I suspect, like ‘Gogglebox’, this comes with a built in view-it-once-and-you-are-hooked feel ... so brace yourself!

And if it grates, then I have a rolling pin you may borrow ...

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

(Tueday, Channel4, 8.00 p.m.)
C4’s standard reality documentary blueprint is to take opposites, stick them in a stressful situation and film the results.

This series features folk who are obsessive compulsive cleaners fired into homes where squalor and chaos are the order of the day.

The result? Surprisingly there is empathy despite the polar opposite lifestyles, but there are tears too.

No reality docu show would be without ‘em ...

Human Universe

(Tuesday, BBC2, 9.00 p.m.)

A new science show for the very smart Prof Brian Cox to explain to us dullards some very big and weighty issues.

He does a great job too explaining stuff I last even thought about back in second year at school - I failed all my science exams - and nothing is out of bounds in this fascinating new series.

Watch... and probably learn.


(Nightly, BBC1, 7.30 p.m.)
Haven’t seen this for months - possibly longer - and flicked channels accidentally and caught the following dialogue:

‘‘Phil’s been shot.’’

‘‘What, again?’’

Cut to Sharon - when did she return? - emerging in a bridal outfit covered in blood.

Hasn’t Eastenders done all this shooting nonsense before?

I switched off and made a note to check back in 2017 when Phil will be shot. Again.

Jimi Hendrix Night

(Friday, BBC4, 9.00 p.m.)
Ah, now we are talking ...

A night devoted to Hendrix, the man who made his guitar sound like no other.

It features two documentaries plus the usual rummage in the BBC archives, but oh, what glorious sights and sounds are in store.

The night includes the 2013 documentary ‘Hear My Train a’ Comin’ which paints Hendrix in the most positive light possible, and it is followed by ‘The Road To Woodstock’ where he gave one of the defining performances of the era.

And just to round off the night, some classic Hendrix solos feature in ‘Guitar Riffs at The BBC’.


(Friday, stv, 9.00 p.m.)

It seems like an eternity since ‘Morse’ ended, but the spin-off featuring his sidekick has found a new lease of life, and remains a huge hit with viewers.

The last series ended with Kevin Whateley’s character contemplating retirement, but, after a 12-month break, he is back trying to figure out why a neurosurgeon has been shot in the head.

Among the crop of TV cops, this is still one of the best.