Top 5-a-side league looks for home

Joe McCafferty
Joe McCafferty

A GLENROTHES five-a-side football league which has produced a host of professional players and included the European champions is currently looking for a home, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Every Sunday night 16 teams take part in the FIPRE five-a-side league. But due to redevelopment work there, the league will be homeless for at least nine months.

Joe McCafferty was one if its founder members back in February 1984, he spoke of Glenwood High School being a potential new home.

He said: “They have not offered us it yet. I have been in touch with the school, they are going to see when and if they can help us. We need it by September. We finish on 2 July and come back from holidays at the end of August.

“The problem is we need one pitch for each of the two divisions. We can only try and get Glenwood, I don’t know if it will work.

“But it’s a real worry that we might have to stop for a season.

“A lot of the guys are older so if they miss nine months then it’s hard to get back into it.”

Joe said that the league gives all the players, and friends who come along to watch, something to do on a Sunday night in a safe environment.

Joe explained that the league is played at a good level.

He said: “It’s such a high demand to get into the league because it’s such a high calibre. There has been a lot of players play in this league that have went on to play professionally.

“Colin Cameron played for Hearts, Wolves and Scotland, so he’s probably the best known. Others include Stevie Tosh, Chris Templeman and Scott McBride who plays for Raith Rovers.

“So there has been quite a few players that have played in this league, and have then went on and made it in the game.

“One of the teams- ‘Badd Lads’ dominated five-a-side football for years. They won the Scottish and British titles in 1992 and became European Champions in Marbella, Spain, back in 1995.

“I don’t play very much now. I have got to watch I don’t get injured.

“There is that much to do in terms of running the league anyway.”