Top mates prove to be cut above

The group after the head shave
The group after the head shave

A group of mates who rallied round to help a friend in need have raised thousands of pounds for the charity Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

The group of 20, are all friends of Kirkcaldy man Calum Love (22), who was recently diagnosed with an acute form of leukaemia.

The group before

The group before

On hearing that Calum would lose his hair through chemotherapy treatment, his mates decided to have their heads shaved, alongside Calum, to raise money for the charity.

They were shorn at Urban Barbers in the town last weekend and are well on their way to collecting £6000 for the charity.

The lads: Lewis Deacon, James Kerr, Ross Snaddon, Matthew Currie, Darryl Snoddy, Ricky Moir, Ryan Couser, Jonathon Gilbert, Gary Fong, Craig Falconer, Anthony Anderson, Scott Rodgers, Liam Penn, Christopher Dunlay, Ricky Brown, Jay and Jamie Snoddy, Kieran Docherty and Marc McLennan were all sponsored to lose their locks.

Calum, who was employed as a car park attendant at the Victoria Hospital, but is currently on sick leave, said: “I was very nervous before I went to get my head shaved because I knew everyone was there for me and I also really like my hair.

“My confidence was a bit knocked because I knew I would eventually lose it anyway, but the knowledge that my friends were getting their hair shaved off too did wonders for my morale.

“The atmosphere on the day was amazing – everyone was laughing and slagging each other off and it was really funny seeing everyone going bald! The positivity and attitude everyone showed was amazing and all for such a good cause.

“I am so grateful to everyone who donated and my friends who got their hair shaved off for me, and I had to hold back the tears at the end when I was saying goodbye to everyone.

“I was so glad that I wasn’t treated any differently and that it was a happy and positive day.”

Ross Snaddon added: “We didn’t have a final target – our goal was just to make as much as possible, so we set out hoping to get at least £1000.

“This was met within 24 hours which we did not expect, and each of us including Calum were very humbled by the response and the support we received.”