Tory leader pledges more power for communities

CUPAR;'Ruth Davidson visiting Fife Herald office. 'photo; WALTER NEILSON
CUPAR;'Ruth Davidson visiting Fife Herald office. 'photo; WALTER NEILSON

SCOTTISH Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has vowed to give more power to local communities ahead of next month’s council elections.

Ms Davidson visited north east Fife on Wednesday to meet the area’s Tory candidates and spoke of her party’s desire to give communities more say in how they are run.

She also endorsed the four prospective Conservative councillors who will be contesting ward seats on May 3.

Ms Davidson said: “I think we’ve got a very impressive group of candidates in north east Fife who are incredibly committed to their local areas.

“We already have some councillors on this patch who have done a power of work for their communities.

“It’s a really good mix of candidates and I’m proud to stand alongside them.”

Ms Davidson, who hails from Lundin Links originally and still has family ties to the area, said she understood the issues facing north east Fife.

She told the Fife Herald: “I’ve been speaking to members of the public and shopkeepers in Cupar today and a big issue seems to be the town centre, which we need to be the beating heart of a community.

“We have come up with individual manifestos for each part of the country because we genuinely believe in localism.

“We believe that decisions should, as far as possible, be taken close to the people they affect.

“For example, local planning decisions on windfarms should not be ridden roughshod over by the Scottish Government if they’ve been taken in accordance with planning policy.”

Ms Davidson added: “In these local elections we want to increase our share of the vote and get as many Conservative councillors elected as possible.

“It’s a single transferable vote system so every vote really does count.”