Totally Ninja Magic Show Voodoo Rooms (Venue 68). Free Fringe.

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Totally Ninja Magic Show

Voodoo Rooms (Venue 68). Free Fringe.

Not just any old magic show - a Ninja magic show, and one that lives up to the billing.

David Alnwick is another gem well worth seeking out on the Free Fringe festival.

An hour of magic, misdirection and more than a few ‘how the ‘eck did he do that’ moments - all for a fiver chucked in his hat at the exit.

You’ll find him at the Voodoo Rooms in a late afternoon slot - so go see him instead of killing an hour at the bar waiting for your main gig that evening.

He’s an engaging fella who does a great line in jokes and audience participation as he seeks to find out why the number 23 is so pivotal to life.

Before he starts he asks you to write down a song title which then forms part of his show - I won’t give it away by saying any more - and it’s hugely entertaining watching him pull all the strands together.

I’ve seen folk like Derren Brown do similar stuff, albeit on a much bigger scale, but it’s still done with a sense of fun, skill and surprise - it’s a show that’s genuinely worth more than the fiver he asks at the door.

Ninja magicians deserve your support.