Town’s social club folds after 66 years

Leven Ladies Social Services Club
Leven Ladies Social Services Club

A SOCIAL group made up of Leven womenhas met for the final time after running in the town for 66 years.

Leven Ladies Social Services Club held its last meeting at the end of April as difficulties with funding meant it was no longer able to continue.

Dwindling numbers at the club, which held its first ever meeting in 1946, just a year after the end of World War II, meant it could no longer raise enough money through membership joining fees and the weekly raffle to pay for rent at the club’s Balmaise Centre base at the Broom.

One of its members Bunty Turpie, who has been in the club for 60 years, said its closure was upsetting.

She told the Mail: “It’s been running since the war. There were quite a lot of members at that time, in fact there was a waiting list when I tried to join.

“We don’t have a lot of young ones and you need more people to keep you going for the sake of paying the rent.

“Rents are going up all the time and if you’re not getting members then you can’t get the money in.”

Despite witnessing the end of the club Ms Turpie has fond memories of attending the weekly meetings.

She continued: “I took on a lot of the roles and I was president for a while.

“When it started we made quilts and we had parcels of linen from Ireland and we did a lot of hand sewing, making things like cushion covers, pillowslips, sheets – everything you could make with embroidery as we all liked embroidery at that time.

“We had speakers in and demonstrators from all different places like the Potato Marketing Board and others like that.

“Lately we introduced things like bingo.”

Although it held its last meeting on April 26 Ms Turpie is hopeful that she and some of her friends will still manage to meet up. She added: “We are going to have a get together to see what we are going to do. Some of us want to keep in contact.”.