Town watchdogs help jail ‘shoe faker’

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A Glenrothes-based trading standards officer helped snare a couple who were selling fake designer shoes.

The Fife Council watchdog was alerted when they received a complaint from a local woman who had bought the alleged Lelli Kelly footwear online, only to have them fall apart within a couple of weeks.

The officer sent the shoes to Italy for examination and, after it was confirmed that they were fake, made a test purchase which confirmed the identity of the seller.

The seller’s premises were raided after Kingston-upon-Thames trading standards got a warrant to carry out a search in January, 2010.

They found 10,000 pairs of shoes and records showing £230,000 had been made by selling the fakes.

The seller, 27 year-old Antoine Simhani was jailed for 27 month’s at the town’s Crown Court last month, while his former partner, Fan Fanny Cheung (43) was handed a 12-month suspended sentence.

The service is promoting a Fake Free Fife initiative.