Town wins battle to stop council parking on Burntisland Links

Car parking on Burntisland Links.
Car parking on Burntisland Links.

Fife Council is set to end parking on Burntisland’s busy Links – and send traffic to open space in Haugh Road.

The action comes after the popular grassy beach-front area where families and children flock to enjoy the sun was over-run with vehicles.

They were allowed to park there as a stop-gap measure – but the plan did not meet with approval from townsfolk.

They packed a hastily convened public meeting last week with the majority calling for the cars to be removed.

Now Fife Council, which allowed vehicles to park on the Links, has acted.

It will divert cars to open space in Haugh Road, where there is capacity for more than 400 vehicles – just before the town welcomes huge numbers for the annual Highland Games on Monday.

Local folk want to see more action to ensure parking problems in the centre of the town are addressed.

The meeting, hosted by Burntisland Community Council, looked at the possibility of using land owned by Forth Ports and BiFab as possible parking areas, and called for bollards or low fencing around the Links to keep cars out.

A letter to Fife Council stated: “The unanimous view is that parking on the grassed area of the Links is not appropriate and should be prohibited.’’

More than 60 people packed the Upper Library for the special meeting.

And the “spirited” debate showed that most were against allowing vehicles to park on the grass – for safety and the preservation of the attraction.

Alex MacDonald, chairman, said: “It would be helpful to place bollards or low fencing around the perimeter of the Links, leaving well-marked spaces for emergency access. The prohibition of parking should also be enforced.’’

But he also said any measures shouldn’t damnage the town’s summer tourism trade.

He added: “We do not want to see visitors being turned away for lack of parking.

“Equally, there was a genuine welcome for the efforts of the showmen to work with local people and ensure the best all-round solution.

“Our understanding is that land for parking – for special events and peak periods – has been offered by, for example, BiFab and Scott Pallets.

“There is also unused land around the harbour in the ownership of Forth Ports. Those possibilities should be explored urgently by Fife Council and developed.

“It seems to us that a minor adjustment to local bus routes would enable an effective shuttle service to be provided.

“We want to welcome visitors to our town, seafront and Links while ensuring they can enjoy their leisure safely and with due regard for our natural environment.”

Stephen Duffy, parks, streets and open spaces team manager said: “We’re in the process of stopping parking on Burntisland Links.

“We’ll be signposting drivers to the parking area near the Beacon Leisure Centre and we’ll continue exploring extra parking capacity.

“To help alleviate road congestion on games day we’ll direct traffic to the Haugh Road open space, where there’s capacity for 400 vehicles.”