Tradition of Raisin Weekend gets a mention on BBC radio

Raisin weekend got a mention on the radio show. Stock pic: Peter Adamson
Raisin weekend got a mention on the radio show. Stock pic: Peter Adamson

A student tradition in St Andrews has featured on a BBC Radio program that details student culture throughout the country.

A 600-year-old tradition at St Andrews University, Raisin Weekend featured on the Radio 4 show ‘Scenes from Student Life’.

The Fife town featured in the series’ first episode A Gift of Raisins.

The weekend is an annual event that culminates in the students throwing foam at each other.

Series producer at Test Bed Productions, the team behind the show, described the town as “really welcoming” and noted that they found two excellent historians who featured on the broadcast: Dr Norman Reid and Dr Rachel Hart.

He added: “Oxford and Cambridge can often dominate the narrative about the history of universities and student life.

“While we of course include their stories in the series too, we wanted to make sure we were reflecting a range of institutions and visiting different parts of the country to get a picture of student life in the UK as a whole.

“In doing so we discovered there are many rich and interesting traditions, one of which being Raisin Weekend at St Andrews.

“It was a great topic for the first programme because it allowed us to explore that transition right at the start of student life where new students swap their home families for their academic families, and their university life is just beginning.

“We were also able to look at how this tradition has evolved over the years to what it is now, and naturally the potential for bad behaviour and drunkenness!”

Presenter of the 10-part series, Ellie Cawthorne, said: “It’s pretty much every history student’s dream to travel the UK interviewing historians and visiting places where history happened, even if it has been a baptism by fire.”