30mph speed limit to be extended on Burntisland road

The speed limit into Burntisland is to be reduced earlier on approach after residents raised concerns about speeding vehicles.

Residents have voiced worries about vehicles coming into Burntisland on Cowdenbeath Road, with specific concerns raised over large goods vehicles (LGVs).

LGVs constitute approximately 13 per cent of total traffic on the road, which is expected given the nature of the local businesses that operate in the town.

The downward slope of Cowdenbeath Road on approach to the town may also contribute to speeds on entry into the town.

The proposals will see the current 30mph speed limit extended 66m along the road to cover improved access to Binn Avenue and Craig Court junctions.

At the Kirkcaldy area committee on Tuesday, Councillor Lesley Backhouse asked: “Is there any way of moving that 30mph zone back something more significant, like 400m instead of just 60m?”

Phil Clarke, lead traffic management consultant, said: “It is very important to get rural to urban roads right to get good speed compliance.

“We couldn’t really move it further up as people wouldn’t comply with the 30mph limit.

“It brings the speed limit into disrepute and makes them less likely to comply with other speed limits where it is actually needed.

“Right now, there is very good compliance with the speed limits on that road, so there is really no justification for a reduction.”

Councillor Gordon Langlands agreed with Mr Clarke, saying: “Mostly it is to deal with the LGVs.

“They take a significant time to slow down, they don’t start to slow until they see the 30mph sign, then they hit the speed bump and wake up the residents nearby.

“This is quite a sensible, low cost way to deal with the issue.”