Apology over ‘free parking’ mix-up at Links Market

Links Market (Pic: Michael; Gillen)
Links Market (Pic: Michael; Gillen)

Visitors to Kirkcaldy’s Links Market, who were hit with parking tickets after being wrongly told a multi-storey was free to use, have been told to appeal.

Fife Council has apologised for the confusion over when charges applied at the Thistle Street car park

A small number of tickets were slapped on cars in the multi-storey after Police Scotland launched a video on social media saying it was free to use.

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In fact, standard parking charges apply up until 6.00pm – and it is only free from then until the market closes.

The mixed message came on the opening day of the market which is expected to attract huge crowds thanks to the excellent weather, and school holidays – attendances of 120,000 are predicted over the six days.

Scott Blyth, lead consultant, Fife Council, said: “We apologise for any confusion that may have arisen regarding parking charges at the Thistle multi-storey car park which may have affected some drivers on Wednesday.

“A clarification has been issued to remind drivers that normal parking charges apply up to 6.00pm.

“After 6.00 pm free parking is available at all Fife Council car parks, including the multi-storey car parks, for use by visitors to the Links Market.”

He added: “For the small number of drivers who may have been affected on Wednesday having used the Thistle multi-storey car park, we ask that they follow the standard appeals procedure and we will be able to consider these particular cases appropriately.”

For more information on parking tickets go HERE https://fifedirect.org.uk/topics/index.cfm?fuseaction=service.display&p2sid=9D5F76DB-01AD-4468-BA09-AE3DE4E7009D&themeid=568AF4CE-B036-4E67-93AB-36B1E13DFA11