Call for roundabout at A92 after safety fears

Humza Yousaf.
Humza Yousaf.

A north-east Fife politician has called on Transport Minister Humza Yousaf to build a roundabout on the A92 at Freuchie.

MSP Willie Rennie has written to the Minister asking if Transport Scotland has plans to construct a roundabout at Freuchie.

In the letter, he states that campaigners have put forward the proposal to the Minister and his predecessors for a number of years.

He adds: “The current layout of roads raises safety concerns, the trunk road is very busy and cuts through the village. Over previous years, minor adjustments have made little impact, and we are left with the same problems in Freuchie. The crossroad is very busy with trunk road traffic travelling through this small village to the north and south. The junction is also used extensively by Kettle Produce, a large agricultural processing facility.

“Having tried different ideas, it seems to be clear that the best solution for motorists and pedestrians would be to have a roundabout put in.

“I would appreciate if you could re-examine the case and if we are to see it built, when we can expect construction to start.”

Following the letter, Mr Rennie said that it was “obvious” to anyone who had driven along the road that a roundabout was needed.

He added: “This sensible proposal has been put forward by local people, campaigners as well as politicians such as myself, several times over the years.”

Transport Scotland met stakeholders in Glenrothes and Freuchie in late April to discuss progress and this followed Mr Yousaf meeting campaigners, alongside Jenny Gilruth MSP.

A Transport Scotland spokesman said: “The options have been agreed with the communities and will be assessed over the course of the summer before we feed back on the findings of the analysis. A range of options, including roundabouts, are being considered, but it would be premature to conclude which of these is likely to operate most effectively.”