Concerns over dangerous driving in Fife village

The aftermath of an incident in Main Street, Colinsburgh, in February.
The aftermath of an incident in Main Street, Colinsburgh, in February.

North East Fife MSP Willie Rennie has written to Fife Council over concerns regarding dangerous driving in Colinsburgh.

The issue was raised by Pete Rabjohns, a member of Colinsburgh Traffic, a community-based group for residents which looks into the likes of local traffic conditions, roadworks and road closures.

The list of issues raised, which goes back to December 2017, includes three incidences of road traffic accidents, with more than eight vehicles involved.

In addition, there have been ten hit and runs where stationary cars have been completely written off.

Mr Rabjohns paid particular reference to an incident which happened on Main Street in February.

He said: “Look at the picture, it speaks for itself. Three vehicles demolished, and damage to property.

“Police attending said it looked like a motorway accident. There have already been ten vehicles written off in less then two years, in the same 100 yard stretch.

“Yet the council say there have been no reported accidents in the last three years and are refusing to do anything about it. How long before someone is seriously hurt, or worse, killed?”

The car owner of the photographed incident added: “I was woken up at half four by a neighbour a few doors along to say my cars been hit. I was not expecting this absolute carnage.

“A van went straight into the back of my car and pushed mine and another parked car about 50 metres up the road.

“Main Street is a 20mph road and police reckon the van driver was going 60/70, some folk should not be on the road, absolutely lethal.”

Mr Rennie called on the council’s head of Assets, Transportation and Environment Ken Gourlay to investigate ‘urgently’.

He said: “This is deeply concerning. At least ten write-offs in the last 21 months is bad enough, but what’s worse is that Fife Council aren’t even acknowledging how bad the situation is.

“I’ve written to the council and really hope they begin to address the recurring issues. With improved traffic signals, further restrictions on speed and pedestrian crossings, the safety for everyone will be greatly improved.

“I will keep everyone updated once I hear back from the council.”

Mr Gourlay responded: “We have just received Mr Rennie’s letter, but we will fully consider the points raised and the accident statistics for that stretch of road and respond accordingly.”