Disabled woman’s garden smashed up by bike crash

Rose Martin's garden was hit by a motorbike.Rose Martin's garden was hit by a motorbike.
Rose Martin's garden was hit by a motorbike.
A disabled woman who watched as a motorbike came just inches from smashing into her living room has been left waiting weeks for the council to repair the damage.

Rose Martin was watching TV at her home on St Fillans Road, Kirkcaldy, when a motorcyclist lost control of his bike 30 feet away in the street and fell off, with the bike continuing to fly through the air before it crashed in her garden.

It put a hole in her hedge, smashed her paving and knocked out metal disability railings before it finally came to rest in front of her living room window.

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Now, Rose has been assured on multiple occasions that Fife Council will return to make the area safe and repair the handrails and step.

The railing has been left nearby.The railing has been left nearby.
The railing has been left nearby.

But after two and a half weeks the council have now fixed the step, but she is still waiting on the railing being replaced.

Rose told of the moment the bike came just inches from her window on Thursday, August 1, shortly after 7pm.

“I was watching TV and I saw the biker coming up the lane. He must have done a wheelie and lost control. He came off it and he was on the road, the bike was up in the air. I was screaming.

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“I thought it was coming through the window. I don’t know how it stopped. I got the fright of my life.”

The bike came to rest in Rose’s front garden, and an ambulance was called for the rider.

Rose added: “The bike was taken away before the police came.

“They came at about 11pm, I asked the police about him and they said he was ok. It could have been much worse.

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“I called the council first thing in the morning, they said they’ll come round and make it safe, but still no one’s come.

“It’s the only access we’ve got. We just want it sorted.

“I need the railing as I’ve had a hip replacement, I’ve got bone trouble and I still get problems with my hands. I need that railing but it’s like talking to a brick, wall.”

A police spokesman said: “We were informed by the ambulance service at 7.30pm on August 1, to attend St Fillan’s Road after reports of a vehicle crashing into a garden through a fence.

“They have conveyed the driver to Victoria Hospital, and officers spoke to the male at the hospital.”

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Fife Council Lead Housing Officer Christine Westwater said: “Now that the steps have been made safe, a blacksmith is due to re-secure the handrail. We apologise for not being able to deliver a quicker repair on this occasion.”

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