Fife road named as one of UK’s most high risk routes

Pic by Google
Pic by Google

A Fife road has been listed among the ten persistently high risk main roads in Great Britain.

The A909 between the M90 and the A921 has been named in a report from The Road Safety Foundation and Ageas Insurance.

The back road, which runs from Burntisland to Cowdenbeath, is used as a shortcut by many drivers to to reach the A92.

The foundation recognises Scotland’s main road network is now safer than that in England – and significantly safer than Wales – but it sdays more work must be done.

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This year’s report included a first-time analysis of safety on urban main roads.

Kate Fuller, acting executive director, said: “Our main road networks need to be safe.

“So much of our travel is on these intensely used networks that any flaw in their in-built safety means tragedy sooner rather than later.

“Years of work in Scotland, coupled with widely adopted formal casualty reduction targets is delivering results, and Scotland’s main road network is now safer than England’s and significantly safer than that of Wales.

Andy Watson CEO of Ageas Insurance said: “Authorities across Britain are making changes to their road networks as a direct consequence of the charity’s analysis and work in partnership with Ageas. We’re pleased to see that Highways England has inspected its entire network to measure its in-built safety and develop major investment plans. And likewise that some 30 local authorities are implementing improvements to 50 higher risk ‘A’ roads.

“Having supported this report since 2012, however, it is disappointing to see that the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads has flat lined in this time.

“The Major Road Network needs urgent improvement with clear measurements and targets; and the 75 persistently higher risk roads need immediate attention. The Safer Roads Fund has shown how quickly effective action can be taken. A further tranche of funding should be released to tackle these persistently higher risk roads without delay.”