Fife roads amongst UK’s worst for potholes

Fife's roads amonst the worst in Britain for potholes new figures have revealed.
Fife's roads amonst the worst in Britain for potholes new figures have revealed.

Fife has one of the highest number of potholes in the whole of the UK, new figures has revealed.

The Kingdom has, on average, 30 potholes per km of road, making it Britain’s fifth worst local authority region.

New data indicates that between January 2015 and April 2018, there have been a total of 84,468 potholes identified on more than 2800 km of roads across the Kingdom which are managed by Fife Council.

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The figures, obtained by UK based insurance company Insurance Emporium from freedom of information requests, makes Fife’s roads the third worst for potholes in Scotland, behind Dundee City which has 69 potholes per km managed and Edinburgh City which tops the UK list with 73 holes per km.

The latest figures will not make comfortable reading for a cash strapped council which faces an increasing backlog of road repairs across Fife, with limited budgetary resources.

Transportation bosses were warned back in 2018 last year that Fife faced an “unfolding disaster” on its worsening road conditions if more funding was not found to tackle the growing number of potholes on the region’s roads.

Maintenance teams were reported to be struggling to keep up with the amount of repairs, which had spiraled because of the severe winter weather conditions brought about by the ‘Beast From The East’ storm which battered Fife in March.