Huge show of support for Levenmouth Rail Campaign

Levenmouth needs the rail link to be reopened – that was the clear message from the estimated 200 people who took part in the Walk the Line event last week.

PoliticiansMSPs and councillors from all sides – campaigners, Levenmouth Academy pupils, Fife College students, and children from Buckhaven, Mountfleurie and Denbeath primary schools all took part in a walk along the old rail route.

Levenmouth Rail Campaign secretary Ken Haig, who organised the second annual Walk the Line event, highlighted the environmental, social and economic benefits of reopening the rail line.

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“Levenmouth is the largest conurbation in Scotland without a direct rail link,” he said.

“That’s why we’ve got the kids out here showing their support for the railway – it’s their future. It’s giving them access to the capital and the rail network.

“I want it for the kids. I want them to choose to stay in Levenmouth. I spoke to a class at the Academy, and asked 30 pupils if they wanted to work and live in Levenmouth – and they all said ‘no’. They don’t see enough jobs.

“It would help regenerate an area of high need, it would create jobs, it would improve property values, it improve connectivity.”

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MSPs Claire Baker, David Torrance and Jenny Gilruth took part in the walk, alongside councillors Ken Caldwell, Alistair Suttie and Colin Davidson – all showing their support for the campaign.

Mr Torrance said the event helped the campaign keep a “high profile” and “let’s everyone in the area know we’re still fighting for it”. He added: “More importantly, the young people here will go back home and tell their families how they want to reopen it. It helps the cause locally.”

Ms Baker added: “The rail link reopening would be really important for this area in terms of jobs, employment and social opportunities. The work the campaign group has done has been tireless.”

“What’s really important about today is getting school kids to realise the potential of having the rail link back here, in terms of what it could give them in the future,” said Ms Gilruth. “It’s a fantastic show of support. It’s about the whole community coming together.”