Motorists urged to stop speeding on major Methil road

Wellesley Road.
Wellesley Road.

Two councillors have warned that someone could be killed if action is not taken to stop motorists speeding along one of the area’s main roads.

Councillors John O’Brien and Ken Caldwell have received complaints about speeding along Wellesley Road, in particular outside Randolph Wemyss Memorial Hospital and Aberhill School, which falls in a 20mph zone.

Police Scotland said it had received 21 complaints about road safety in the area in the last year.

Cllr O’Brien said: “I am concerned about the number of speeding drivers in the Wellesley Road area. It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed here.”

Cllr Caldwell, area convenor, added: “It is very concerning that people are speeding on public roads, especially outside schools and hospitals, where pedestrians are potentially slower to cross roads, thus increasing the likelihood of an accident occurring. I would urge all motorists to observe the speed limits. They are in place for a reason.”

Colin Stirling, traffic management lead consultant at Fife Council, said: “I am arranging for speed surveys to be carried out. The results will help to inform the decision on what, if any, additional speed reduction measures might be necessary in the area.”

Sergeant Craig Fyall at Levenmouth Police Station, said: “We will continue to deploy community officers with the speed gun in the area in response to concerns from the local community.”

People wishing to report road traffic offences should call 101.