Network Rail urged to carry out repairs to Leuchars bridge

Leuchars Station.
Leuchars Station.

Politicians in north east Fife have vowed to continue pressing until “long-overdue” repairs are made to a bridge at a rail station.

The access bridge to Leuchars Station has been transferred to Network Rail, however, Liberal Democrat councillors and MSP Willie Rennie are keen to make sure repairs are carried out.

Local councillor Tim Brett said: “At long last Network Rail has agreed to take on responsibility for the bridge, the only access to the station, which is very good news.

“However, there is still some way to go, because Network Rail has intimated that they have no plans to carry out any repairs in the near future.”

And Mr Rennie promised: “We will keep up the pressure until they provide a date for tackling the rust, rather than simply painting over it.”

St Andrews councillor Jane Ann Liston added: “This is the fourth busiest station in Fife. Station staff have estimated that at least 90% of the 557,000 passengers embarking and alighting at Leuchars are travelling to and from St Andrews, showing how important it is that access be maintained. Therefore the sooner that proper repairs are carried out, the better.”

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “We assumed responsibility for the bridge in the middle of June and we have been assessing the work that needs to be done including replacing stair tread overlays, repairing the non-slip surfacing and some painting. We expect the work to be completed by the end of October.”