No support for calls for government funding to dual notorious Fife road

Councillors Davidson, Graham and Smart on the Standing Stane.
Councillors Davidson, Graham and Smart on the Standing Stane.

Calls for Scottish Government funding to look at dualling the Standing Stane road have been dropped.

Councillor Ryan Smart put forward his motion at the Levenmouth Area Committee last week, calling on the Scottish Government to look at funding the project or for other safety improvements to be installed.

However, following a quick debate, councillors agreed to take the motion off the table and discuss other ways of improving the road.

Cllr David Alexander pointed out that the road has nothing to do with the Scottish Government and is Fife Council’s responsibility.

“I don’t have a problem with doing a feasibility study,” said Cllr Alexander, “but we have to do it. I have every support for the aim, but let’s leave the Scottish Government out of it. That’s a road to nowhere.”

Cllr Alexander said the number of accidents on the road had dropped since a number of safety improvements had been made, such as reducing the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph at the Leven end of the road.

There were also concerns that, if the motion was to be put forward, it could have a negative impact on the campaign to restore the Levenmouth rail link.

“If this was to be submitted, it could have a stalling effect on the rail link,” Cllr Ken Caldwell, area convenor, said.

“We should be aiming to get cars off the road. That would make the road safer.”

Putting forward his motion, Cllr Smart said that the road was “not acceptable” by today’s standards.

He also pointed out the impact traffic has on the Wemyss villages, when cars are diverted off the Standing Stane road.

His motion was seconded by his Labour colleague, Cllr David Graham.

He said the motion had created a debate, adding: “It’s about creating a debate in the council and community about the best course of action for the road. We should be looking at all the options for the Standing Stane road.”

After listening to the views of his fellow councillors, Cllr Smart agreed to withdraw his motion.

Three people have died following collisions on the road in the last few months.