One-way traffic agreed for St Andrews street

Queen's Gardens, St Andrews. Pic: Dave Scott
Queen's Gardens, St Andrews. Pic: Dave Scott

A street in St Andrews has been changed to a one-way system, despite objections.

The changes impact on Queen’s Garden in St Andrews which will now operate as a one-way street, with a contraflow cycleway.

Twelve objections and nine letters of support were received during a consultation period.

Residents in the street supported the move, but those in Westburn Lane objected, feeling that they would be subjected to increased traffic.

Councillor Jane-Ann Liston said: “It is a good idea, but I’m concerned that Westburn Lane will bear the brunt.

“There are already reports of drivers zooming down speeding and using it as a short cut. I would like assurances that, if this was to get worse, something would be done.”

Colin Stirling, lead consultant, traffic management said: “We’ve been in discussion with residents and we did indicate we would be happy to look at that street too, but we didn’t want to delay the process any more than we have to.

“We are more than happy to take forward a survey to see if a one-way system on Westburn Lane is something desirable for the local community.”