Possible funding boost for Levenmouth Rail Campaign

LevenMouth Rail Campaign
LevenMouth Rail Campaign

The Levenmouth rail link could be one of the transport plans boosted by the announcement of £2 million in the Scottish budget for feasibility studies.

The funding was one of the demands made by Green MSPs in exchange for backing the budget vote in the Scottish Parliament this week.

The cash could be good news for various transport campaigns around Fife, including Levenmouth.

Green MSP Mark Ruskell, who was involved in the creation of the 2017 report ‘Breaking the Circle: Towards a Fife-wide rail enhancement strategy’, welcomed the announcement.

He said: “This announcement will give a real lift to the dedicated campaigns across Fife who have been calling for an expanded, inclusive rail network in the Kingdom.

“Whilst there have been warm words from the Government for rail reopenings, until now it has been a long and sometimes tortuous process for communities that want to reopen their local rail link. This fund will provide dedicated resources to help make the case for new stations and lines, and hopefully pave the way for a better rail network that serves tens of thousands more households.

“This is just the beginning though – we need a radical shift in our infrastructure funding to make sure railways and other public transport are our top priority.”