Residents’ petition prompts action at ‘danger road’ in Fife town

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Residents’ concerned with vehicles parking too close to the Braeside/A916 Sandy Brae junction in Kennoway have raised a petition with the council to get safety work carried out.

At Levenmouth area committee, Ann Munro presented a petition which 57 residents out of 58 signed in support.

It  asked for work to be done on the junction to make it safer, and highlighted several close calls invovling motorists.

Ms Munro said: “It is a blind bend at a lot of points. It’s uphill to, so when you come round and are faced with a vehicle entering the junction, you have to reverse uphill.”

Council officers inspected the area and found that there were no issues to be resolved, adding: “There have been no crashes recorded at this location in the past five years.”

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However, Ms Munro said she didn’t think it was right for them to have to wait until someone was seriously injured on the road before work was carried out.

Councillor David Alexander agreed, saying: “It is unusual to have almost 100% of residents telling us, yes this is happening. I think it will only get worse. It is an accident waiting to happen. I hope we can do something on this one.”

Councillor David Graham proposed that members go on a site visit with relevant officers to inspect the area.

But Cllr Alexander said: “I think we’re past that. I would like to see us coming to a solution for the residents, and come back with a parking restriction solution.”

Councillors votes were split down the middle leaving Cllr Caldwell to cast the deciding vote. He voted to come back with an option for parking restrictions.