Warning over ‘lethal’ road surface after crash

Fife Council are investigating a “lethal” Kirkcaldy road, after a motorbike accident was followed by a number of near-misses.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 12:22 pm
Dunnikier Way in Kirkcaldy is said to be dangerous when wet

Biker Bill Sneddon says the surface has becomes treacherous when wet, after seeing his wife thrown into the road in a low-speed skid on Dunnikier Way – she then witnessed another two cars skidding on the exact same spot.

Bill himself also skidded at the east end of Dunnikier Way, close to the Gallatown roundabout, but was able to bring it back under control.

His wife injured her knee, elbow, and damaged her motorcycle despite only doing 15mph on the evening of Friday, July 12.

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A temporary sign has been put up warning people of the skid risk.

Bill said: “When it’s wet you can see all the cars sliding there.

“I was at the back with my wife in front, we came over the roundabout, the road was wet.

“We were going at a very low speed as she’s newly qualified.

“All of a sudden she came right off the bike, and she slid against the pavement on her side. She immediately tried to get up.”

However, the tricky road surface continued to cause problems even after the crash.

Bill said: “Her bike was damaged so I went to go get the car and my own backwheel started to slide as well.

“While she waited, she saw another two cars slide on the same spot.

“My wife is lucky in a sense not to have been seriously injured.

“If it hadn’t been me at the back of her and an artic lorry instead, it wouldn’t have been able to stop in time.

“She’s had to get x-rays as they were concerned about how big her knee has become and they fear there may be chipped bones.

“Something needs to be done. It’s like a skating rink when it’s wet.

“The road surface is lethal.

“They need to do something before someone gets fatally injured here.”

Nigel Hampton, Fife Council’s acting lead consultant, said: “We’ve been made aware of concerns from road users regarding this location and are currently investigating.”