Traffic snared by closure

Motorists faced a day and a half of chaos over the weekend, triggered by an emergency electrical repair in Leven.

Traffic control measures, put in place to deal with a cable fault in Sillerhole Road, resulted in queues of vehicles snaking back all the way from Letham Glen to Lundin Links.

The delays lasted all day on Sunday and most of Monday morning, before temporary traffic lights were removed and Sillerhole Road was shut, allowing a fairly normal flow.

Meanwhile, a separate operation by Scottish Water to repair a damaged sewer in nearby Waggon Road also resulted in temporary traffic lights – and more delays.

Scottish Power apologised to drivers for the Scoonie hold-ups but said the cable damage meant excavation and road closures were required, with associated traffic measures introduced.

A four-way traffic light signal was installed on Saturday evening and part of the Letham Glen roundabout closed off as Scottish Power set about tackling the problem – several households were left without power after the difficulty arose, with a generator being installed.

However, some drivers criticised the action and said the traffic lights, in particular, had not been necessary.

On Sunday, drivers slowed by the queue heading from Lundin Links to Leven were stopping pedestrians on Largo Road to ask if they knew the cause of the standstill.

Many motorists also performed three-point turns in the road and headed back towards Lundin Links.

On Monday, after discussions between Scottish Power and Fife Council, the traffic lights were removed and an emergency closure introduced in Sillerhole Road, allowing the roundabout to function normally and with some minor diversion routes in the Broom estate.

It was hoped the work on both jobs would be finished and the sites reinstated by late yesterday (Tuesday).

Frustrated Mail readers left comments on our Facebook page on Sunday evening.

John Hunter said: “There was absolutely no need for the lights because they could have closed Sillerhole Road instead. What made matters worse is no workmen were there on Sunday.”

He added: “No one likes getting caught in traffic but to spend well over half an hour in a queue to find out it is for no reason, and nobody is actually working, is very frustrating.”

The decision seemed to be made with no regard for motorists or this busy part of Fife, said Mr Hunter, while Stewart Kirkwood added: “I really don’t get the logic of screwing up the only road through Leven to north east Fife unnecessarily.”

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