Traffic wardens swoop on Leven

Parking on double yellow lines in North Street, Leven
Parking on double yellow lines in North Street, Leven

by Maggie Millar


Traffic wardens swooped on Leven after the Mail exposed “ridiculous” parking problems in town last week.

Visitors said they were amazed to see a team carry out a systematic check of every car in the town centre on Wednesday.

Leven resident Ray Duffy (66) said: “It just so happened I parked on the day then story came out and there were two wardens on North Street outside McPhail’s checking every car and, round the corner at the cinema, they came again. Is it the power of the press?

“People were saying ‘You never see a traffic warden, then...”

Last week Richard Teevan, of Levenmouth School of Driving, made a plea for more parking wardens to curb irresponsible drivers parking on double yellow lines

“Particularly bad is down the back of the High Street - people just abandon their cars on the corner opposite the takeaway on North Street,” he said.

“I see cars abandoned every day. The drivers know full well nobody is going to pick them up on it, as there are no wardens.”

In years gone by, drivers in Leven - especially taxi drivers based at the Shorehead - were aware of the town’s long-serving traffic wardens.

However, during a handover of the service between police and Fife Council, the presence of wardens locally had been minimal.

Angus Carmichael, service manager for the parking and public transport infrastructure team, revealed Leven was now firmly on the radar.

He said: “We’ve been in a few times since April when the Council took over but perhaps not quiet as frequently as we would have liked, for whatever reason.

“We were of the Mail article and did make an effort to get somebody down.”

He added: “We will keep Leven on the Fife-wide rota and make sure it is visited on a regular basis.”

On a wider note, he said the new warden team had previously worked in off-street car parks where there had been an expectation of public compliance.

“They are being subject to more negative reactions from members of the public but, in general terms, I would say it is going pretty well.

Mr Duffy commented that their presence in Leven on Wednesday struck people as a warning but it was “probably needed”.

“I’ve never seen them clicking every car with their machines like that before,” he said.