Call to tackle speeding drivers

Cllr Brian Thomson on Buchanan Gardens.
Cllr Brian Thomson on Buchanan Gardens.

A St Andrews councillor is calling for action to be taken to curb speeding on Buchanan Gardens.

Cllr Brian Thomson said some drivers ignore the 30mph speed limit, despite the presence of a speed-activated ‘slow down’ sign.

He said: “Being a long straight road, some drivers appear to be of the mindset that they can drive at speeds that are a danger to pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.

“I either walk, cycle or drive along the road most days, and the amount of speeding vehicles appears to be increasing.

“It will be important to run any proposal past the St Andrews Community Council and local groups, and I hope that it would be possible for a scheme to be designed that can take on board comments and gain general support.”

Colin Stirling, lead professional for traffic management for north Fife, said: “This has been brought to our attention by the community council and elected members. We have a draft proposed project for traffic calming measures for Buchanan Gardens in the 2018-19 Area Transportation Works Programme. This will be presented to North East Fife Area Committee for approval in the New Year.”