Campaigners threat to block A92 in protest

A92 Safety Campaign convener Ron Page has not ruled out taking 'direct action'.
A92 Safety Campaign convener Ron Page has not ruled out taking 'direct action'.

A92 safety campaigners in Fife are threatening to take “direct action” if the Scottish Government fail to respond to latest concerns.

The group says it will give the Minister until the end of January to respond – and is considering taking more forms of direct action, if the Scottish Government fails to act.

“Our letter is the third in recent months yet we are still to received any reply,” explained Ron Page, convener of the group.

“Once again we are getting the impression that the public are being ignored, maybe it’s time to take a more immediate form of direct action,” he warned.

It’s understood the group is considering a roadside protest, and has not ruled out some form of disruption in an attempt to get the Government to take its long-standing safety concerns seriously.

“We have had accidents and people have die,d and that will continue until such time that improvements are made.

“It’s time to make the A92 safe,” Mr Page.

And the group is calling upon Fife MSP’s to do more at Holyrood.

Campaigners are also now calling upon the region’s MSPs to do more to back the call for a number of key improvements to be made to the A92.

The group have already met with Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth last week and plan to lobby others in an attempt to get their concerns voiced in the Scottish Parliament.

Campaigners also plan to present a new petition to Government to show the public’s support for improvements.