East Neuk resident criticises crossing plans

Ms Melville says she was unaware of the plans until a few weeks ago
Ms Melville says she was unaware of the plans until a few weeks ago

An Anstruther resident has hit out at Fife Council for a lack of communication as it plans to install a puffin crossing outside her home.

Lynsey Melville (36), who lives on Pittenweem Road in the East Neuk town, claims she was unaware of the upcoming installation until a few weeks ago, when she noticed paint outlines on the pavement.

She says the council’s approach shows “a lack of respect for residents in the area”.

“Just the approach the council have taken over this has been quite disgraceful,” Ms Melville said. “The changes are right in front of mine and my neighbour’s houses and they could have easily come to explain what was going to happen.”

Ms Melville claims that the yellow zig-zag lines at the crossing will stop her from parking outside her home, which will have an impact on the house value.

She also thinks that its placement, near the junction at Dreerside, could be dangerous because “cars coming towards Pittenweem come round a bad bend and tend to put their foot down”.

Colin Stirling, traffic management lead professional, explained that the crossing was being installed as a planning requirement for the new Waid Academy and added: “It’s current position is considered to be the optimum one and the length of zigzags have been kept as short as possible.”

Fife Council noted that a ‘notice of intent’ had been placed in the Mail last year and that discussions with residents had been taken into account and some changes had been made.