Fears someone will be hurt or killed by speeding drivers

Carol Lindsay says residents have concerns about speeding on Ostlers Way. Picture: Fife Photo Agency
Carol Lindsay says residents have concerns about speeding on Ostlers Way. Picture: Fife Photo Agency

Residents of a quiet neighbourhood who have been plagued by speeding cars and boy-racers say they fear it is only a matter of time before someone is injured.

The houses near the Kirkcaldy retail park have been plagued with vehicles speeding by, with witnesses saying one car even left the road earlier this week.

Some residents have also reported loud engine noises and screeching tyres late at night.

One resident at Ostlers Way, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s getting bad. A car mounted the pavement.

“We’re having real battles to get someone to take it seriously.

“There are a lot of new houses, with lots of children about. If this continues then someone is going to get hurt.

“I understand the problem for the police. They don’t have the resources to just station a car there all day, it’s just not realistic.

“The police are dealing with it on a reactive basis, but that’s not enough.

“The council are just putting up a stonewall, saying there’s no budget for traffic calming.

“It’s very frustrating. It’s also a real antisocial problem with the noise of people revving their engines.”

Carol Lindsay, councillor for Kirkcaldy North, said: “It’s been a rumbling issue for about five years.

“It’s not just boy-racers, it’s also a mixture of fast drivers and people cutting through.

“I’ve been told that speedbnumps would be a last resort.

“I think we need to monitor the road and get the problems assessed.

“There are a lot of kids there. Speaking with residents recently, one told me their child was nearly run over. No one wants that to happen.

“The police can train members of the public to use speed cameras now, but the problem is getting people to do it. It could be a deterrent.

“If all else fails, then perhaps we could lobby the council and get measures in place.”

Residents have also raised the issue with Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance.

He said: “The issue of speeding traffic and reckless driving on Ostlers Way and the surrounding area was brought to my attention by concerned residents and the local Tenants and Residents Association.

“Councillor Carol Lindsay and I met in my office with the residents and also representatives from the residents, to discuss their concerns regarding the problem of dangerous driving. The residents stated that groups of individuals are gathering at the nearby Business Park and then driving at excessive and hazardous speeds through the housing estate. They believe it to be only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed.

“I have since arranged meetings with both Police Scotland and Fife Council to discuss measures to alleviate this issue. There has been previous success in combating this type of behaviour when Police Scotland took steps to pro-actively tackle the dangerous driving taking place along the Promenade in Kirkcaldy. I intend to work in partnership with Fife Council, Police Scotland and the Tenants and Residents Association to find an effective and timely solution to this issue, to ensure the safety of the whole community.”