Fife councillor launches pothole petition

A Fife councillor has launched a new petition calling on the council to repair the Kingdom’s roads.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 9:41 am
The petition calls on the council to repair potholes.

A recent AA survey found that Fife had the most reported potholes in Scotland – the 10th most in the whole of the UK.

Councillor Linda Holt is now calling on Fife Council to do something about them.

She wrote: “When I stood for election four years ago, potholes and the state of the roads was the number one issue on doorsteps. I vowed to do something about it.

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"Since I have been elected, I hear complaints about potholes at every community council meeting I attend and I have sent countless emails to council officers. In the last four years I have had a car written off due to flood damage on a potholed road, broken springs and suspension due to potholes and seven shredded tyres, the last one only a fortnight ago.”

Cllr Holt added: “Fifers have the right to expect to cycle or drive down roads which aren't riddled with dangerous potholes. Fife Council's deliberate neglect of roads maintenance costs individuals and business many thousands of pounds every year. There is a sign now that Fife Council realises that it needs to do something about its crumbling roads infrastructure.

"I don't believe the powers that be at Fife Council realise how seriously fed up we are with the state of the roads - and how fed up we are with reporting potholes, the majority of which do not get repaired until they become life-threatening emergencies.”

Cllr Holt’s comments come after Councillor Altany Craik, convener of the Economy Tourism Strategic Planning & Transportation Sub-Committee, said that roadworkers were being diverted to working on potholes, in a bid to help tackle the backlog.

He said: “Every year around this time, the wet wintery weather makes more potholes open up on our road network. But this year has been exceptional, with one of the coldest Januarys we’ve had for many years in Fife.

“What’s been particularly challenging is that many of these potholes have formed while crews have been working around the clock to keep our roads safe from ice and snow over the past few weeks. We share everyone’s frustration that we now have so many to deal with.

“In response, we’re taking full advantage of the mild weather to divert most of our roadworkers from their other work onto pothole repairs. These extra teams are working seven days a week at the moment to clear the backlog of pothole repairs as quickly as possible.

“Any help the public can give us in spotting and reporting new potholes would be very welcome and this can be done online at or by calling our helpline on 03451 55 00 11.

“As we use all our resources to prioritise this, some less pressing road work will inevitably take longer to complete than originally planned.”

It was also revealed recently that just four motorists won compensation from Fife Council after their cars were damaged by potholes last year - despite 367 claims being made.

The petition is seeking 200 signatures – and already the petition is nearing its target.

If you would like to sign the petition, click HERE.